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Who We Are:

Drenie Realty combines real estate (purchase and sale), rentals, opportunities for investors, remodeling, home decorating, and staging under one umbrella. Founder Andrene (AKA Drenie) Baltimore, a minority business owner based in Houston, TX, created an all-in-one shop to meet her client’s needs, helping to make an educated and knowledgeable decision.

We work with potential clients to: 

  • Secure funding from of our affiliates
  • Find the best potential deal/deals
  • Renovate it to either fix-n-flip, rental, or primary resident

How We Operate:

Andrene and highly skilled small team members first meet with our clients to properly understand their budget and project vision. Whether you’re looking to fix-n-flip, buy-n-hold for personal or rental, our team can help you locate and make the property market-ready. Our goal is to have an ongoing business relationship with our clients.

Our design team works diligently with you to find properties that fit your portfolio, and the relationship continues once the job is done. Our goal is to make sure the client can contact us; whether it’s to add on additional work or a brand-new project, we are here.

 Having immediate access to the design and remodeling teams, agents can better advise their sellers on how to best position and make their property ready to market. The staff can recommend to a buyer whether a property has costly repair issues or other deficiencies and share information on how to best move forward within a cost- efficient budget. Let us show you how we can sell a house for a far better price in a shorter amount of time, whether you are buying or selling.

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